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It's been a week sense I went to Further Confusion. I should state that it was a complete success as I went by myself to do nothing and found people and hung out with them. More than that, I met people that are becoming really good friends. Now getting to the con was another matter. In Yreka I had to get chains. Then they decided to just close the freeway. The friendly CHP officer advised me that if I was to take California hwy. 96 that I should get a full tank of gas. So I took the very beautiful road from Yreka to the coast and added 8 hours to my driving time. Getting back the passes were snowed, but following the snow plow at 30 MPH was safe.

I did get to the party floor and finnaly met Sabot and Kitty. Sorry I didn't stay long... I had a three way with two sexy bears to get to. I had a good time meeting Siege, Cyberbear, wildw0lf... oh and others. I'm so bad with names. Expect me to edit who I met as names come to me.

The pleasant surprise was and picking one of there bear PJs... been wearing it every night sense the con.

The suck was the lack of a slack tour.
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