Feb. 1st, 2010

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It's been a week sense I went to Further Confusion. I should state that it was a complete success as I went by myself to do nothing and found people and hung out with them. More than that, I met people that are becoming really good friends. Now getting to the con was another matter. In Yreka I had to get chains. Then they decided to just close the freeway. The friendly CHP officer advised me that if I was to take California hwy. 96 that I should get a full tank of gas. So I took the very beautiful road from Yreka to the coast and added 8 hours to my driving time. Getting back the passes were snowed, but following the snow plow at 30 MPH was safe.

I did get to the party floor and finnaly met Sabot and Kitty. Sorry I didn't stay long... I had a three way with two sexy bears to get to. I had a good time meeting Siege, Cyberbear, wildw0lf... oh and others. I'm so bad with names. Expect me to edit who I met as names come to me.

The pleasant surprise was http://bunnywarez.com and picking one of there bear PJs... been wearing it every night sense the con.

The suck was the lack of a slack tour.


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