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I’m flying home today from Texas. I’ve not talked much about this trip. Mostly because I had no cover story. This trip was all about sex. It ended up being about much more. The wonderful man I visited would like some discretion. So let’s call him Cigar Dad. Plenty of cigar daddies around that should be safe enough.

I get in and my luggage does not arrive with me. My bags show up two and a half hours later and I got a $50 voucher for my next flight. Not bad, and I can live with it. So me and my cigar daddy get to his place. We are talking, and he pulls out a cigar. He is such a sexy man, and he’s doing everything right to push all of my buttons. I’ll not go into detail about what we did, but what happened to me. It became very clear early on, that my pleasure was what daddy wanted. I panicked for about a minute until I realized I had no choice. I enjoyed myself on every level. We went to local restaurants, talked, found a shared love of music, and I was a good boy for my cigar dad.

So I just had many days where my needs were met, and in having my needs met I mutually pleased my cigar dad. He paid attention to me more than any other person ever has. More importantly, this weekend did more to change my default setting than anything. The part of me that pushes me down and makes me feel worthless, has been damaged. I plan to keep up on my assault. Too bad I had a little head cold that stopped me for an evening.



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