Mar. 19th, 2010

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Well I got up this morning and thought "Good Coffee and Voodoo Doughnuts sound really good." So I figured I could drive in to work picking up stump town and picking up doughnuts. So around 5:10 I get to stump town and they are closed... ah well I know I can get doughnuts. Voodoo on Sandy opens at 6, but the guy going in said down town was open. So I head on down there. A sign on the window says "Sold out, open at 6:30." Well shit. I head up to work noting that the down town stump town is closed as well. I console myself to the fact that at least I can have a yummy viso... and the f'ing Plaid Panty is closed.... on marquam hill the close the Plaid in the middle of the night. What the hell? So me and my coworker say "f'this" have the other guys open and I end up with craptasic starbucks and an ok pastry.

Work is productive and full of talks about the roll of production in the US, prosperity and population control, how the world is exporting pollution to China, and farts. For the week the winner of the "That's what your mom said last night" was "You're not going to take my ball setup?"

Then I drive home in traffic that's held up by the testing the hawthorne bridge traffic control. No, not raising the bridge, but just testing the drawbridge traffic gate.

So I get home... clean up the back and nap. Then I meet up with Doug. A pipe daddy. We spend time snuggled with pipes, drinking scotch and talking. It was wonderful. Then I do end up pawing off, but it was more comforting and relaxing than any thing else. Then I come in to eat some food and play St. Petersburg! Wow, a great ending to a bad day. Now for me SSD to come in for my main box. Over time paying for cool toys is another good balance.


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