Jan. 23rd, 2010

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Well, this is a common thing for me to happen. It's Saturday at a con and I have no one to see or nothing to do. The last two days have been great. Meeting people doing things, enjoying some teaser sex and today nothing. It's very frustrating because I took great efforts to make something happen today. No one showed up for the pipe furs outing. It's frustrating because I hooked up and met so many great furs yesterday. Here is the thing. In the next few hours I could get messages back from people I met and end up having a fantastic rest of the con. The trick is relaxing now, and not taking this personally. That's not easy for me, but that's the truth. All these people I met are doing things, or drank too much, or stayed up all night or... any thing. So this entry is for myself to help me sort out that there is nothing wrong with me.


Met up with someone and it didn't work and the man I really wanted to meet I got a hold of and will meet up with after dinner. So I'm off for a quick bite and then meeting him. See it did take some time and a hook up or two to turn things around.

--final update--

Met up with my platonic ideal and two of his friends... big time serious sex tonight. That is all. Nap then sex.


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