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So, things were made much easier for me last night. I had forgot that I had signed up to take Japanese 102 again this term. I also did not realize that it started last Tuesday.... I need to back up some.

I had determined finally that I was going not only go to FC but also take Japanese. Tuesday I looked up to see if I could still get into the class. That's when I found out I had already signed up for it. I assume this was in November? I really do not remember. Then I went to class last night. I looked up how much I needed to pay. The answer, $430 for the class and another $160 for the book and workbook. I now can not afford the con. I could put it on a credit card, but will not. I am working myself out of debt.

The part that I hate is the drama king that I have been about going to the con. That is obviated now. Thank you to all who talked with me about the con. It really helped.

Date: 2011-01-09 04:41 am (UTC)
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It's tough but important to take stock and be honest to yourself. I'm still struggling with it.


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