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So we meet up at the PLA (Portland Leather-men Alliance) Potluck. I ran into someone I had fun with but decided not to do more. It went well, but I was there not to have awkward moments with people but to meet a man. Here's the thing. I'm going to drop clues about who this man is, but I'll not mention names. He's 6'2-3", thick and a good looking man, and as I found out, has a huge fucking dick. So we get to his place and we go into the basement of apartment complex. He has me puff on my pipe. He takes control! Pinning me to the wall, groping my body and nipple torture. Here is the thing... I wanted to rough. I knew he would fucking top me. So my sore nipple and sort hole will be a reminder to me to be very careful about what I ask for. I might just get to it. I digress. So At one point I'm puffing my pipe and sucking his massive cock. We are talking an honest 8-9" and maybe two inches wide? Well long enough to gag me. Thing is that I go for it and push back on his cock. Then he starts to push his cock into my throat... that's the first time I puke. Just into my mouth, but that counts. Being a good boy, I swallow and keep going, but he pulls out. Puke and BJ's do not go together. Well I get stood up. My hands behind my head and my pipe in my mouth. He then proceeds to watch me puff and to also suck my cock and nipple torture. Then he flicks on the lights and takes some pictures of me, my glasses off. Then I call out I'm weak kneed, then I sit down and puke. Many times I puke up that last of dinner and the Gatorade I had drunk. FYI, if you are eating and feel really full and eat more... the portion you eat after your full hangs out in your stomach as your body will only take so much from your stomach and holds the rest for later. So I have bad circulation in my arms, puffed to hard at my pipe, had my nipples made to hurt, and was choked... that will get me to puke! At any rate after laying back and whispering "I am me. I am here" for a while I feel better. We go up to his apartment and geekout. The wonder woman collection is definitive and very complete. The life sized BobaFet is awesome and the collection is massive and really scary in some ways. It's what happens when a historian/archivist is a geek. Then there is the bedroom, hard sex, getting fucked by a huge cock (so big it bottomed me out), nipple torture, more choking and some really nice cuddles after. Then after some of the worst sleep ever, we go at it again, and I get home.

The walk away lesson from this? I was able to keep my focus where I was and what was happening to me. He liked looking me in the eyes and that helped, but I also refused to dissociate from my self. Well I did when I puked, but I came back. Speaking of came... I still need to cum. Ikea, nap and then release.

Date: 2010-02-16 06:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't know whether to say "congratulations" or "sorry". Certainly not an un-interesting evening. :-)

Date: 2010-02-17 12:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
A little of both. I really wanted to have angressive top have his way with me, but I'll scale it back a few notches in the future. Also sometimes it's just very nice to cuddle and kiss. I go both ways in those regards.

Date: 2010-02-16 11:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"Puke and BJ's do not go together"

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